Stylist Denise Hatzis,


I’d like to pass along a recommendation for my friend’s fantastic
personal styling service, CLOSETIQUE STYLING. Denise provides women
services around Closet Editing (weeding out those pieces that you
don’t know if you should toss), Closet Organization (she is a
mastermind at color coordinating your closet!), and Styling (she’ll
put together new and fresh looks with pieces that you currently own in
your wardrobe!). Depending on your needs, she’ll customize your
session with her to fit what you’re looking for.

Over the years, she has helped her clients purge tons of clothes that
they haven’t worn in years – and always gives suggestions on how to
wear pieces in their wardrobe in unique and fresh ways. She even gives
recommendations on local places to drop off brand-name pieces for the
best resale price (or donation spots), and also offers suggestions on
pieces to invest in. If you have been interested in working with a
stylist to help you with your personal look or could use an expert’s
advice with editing your closet, I definitely recommend you get in
touch with her. More info here:

You can reach Denise at  917 620 5839       or

Please let her know I sent you!




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