Behind the Scenes at Habiller

Behind the Scenes at Habiller

I am pleased to share the wonderful people that have inspired me to create Habiller and the crew behind our editorial style introduction to the blogging, beauty, fashion and art world!!

Meet Denise! A stylist and a Yoga instructor?? Can I adopt her? lol Unique style, strong work ethic… What more can we ask for in this business?? Blog:

“Denise Hatzis is a creative and passionate New York-based Fashion
Stylist.  After working for 7 years in advertising at Google, she
decided to follow her heart, and made the necessary moves to become a
Fashion Stylist. She enrolled in FIT’s Fashion Styling program, and
launched her own personal styling business, CLOSETIQUE.  While still
at Google, she became known by colleagues as the Resident Stylist and
was hired by over 50 employees in her first year of business.  For
almost 2 years, she juggled her corporate job, launched a new
business, and developed a portfolio working with up-and-coming
photographers, designers, makeup artists and  hair stylists. Denise
describes her styling look as “urban bohemian gypsy with a touch of
classic.” Her work has been featured in Laundry Magazine, and she is
excited about expanding her footprint in the New York fashion scene.”


About Habiller Blog

Habiller Blog - Beauty Fashion Art Brenda Momperousse, Creative Director & MUA
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