Chris Sanders walked into my life at the right time and for all the right reasons. I was on set with Chris for a project called “In The Heat” from Chris’ “Paper Series” Collection, and this is where I was first introduced to the idea of making my blog introduction as a small beauty magazine. Chris inspires his crew and turns an ordinary lifestyle image into a story full of life and energy.

Chris Sanders ( is a New York City based
photographer specializing in fashionable lifestyle images with
a cinematic look and short films for advertising and the travel
industry. He has worked for Nivea, Hanes, AT&T, Coca-Cola,
Eddie Bauer, IBM, Ikea, Liz Claiborne, Merck, Microsoft, Reebok,
Seiko, Sony, Hertz, Celebrity Cruise Line, Jamaica Board of
Tourism, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Bank of America, Nivea,
Besides the many clients that have chosen him to shoot for their
flagship accounts, Sanders has shot from many of the leading
magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Fortune, Esquire, and
Harper’s Bazaar.  He travels regularly and as a photographer
for Conde Nast Traveler, he has been to Russia, Borneo, Bali,
Thailand and throughout Europe and the Caribbean.  He has
received awards from Communication Arts, Graphis, American
Photography and PDN.
“I went to film school, so I prefer to work with models that can act,”
he says. “I love giving my actors a role to play and watching them
come to life.”
A talented and resourceful brother and sister combination, Mama would be proud!  Meet David and Shana!

Shana Schnur is a new face in the world of classic New York fashion photography. Since 2006, Shana has established her freelance photography business while honing her skills at the New York School of Visual Arts. Shana brings a fresh approach to the fashion and portrait industry with a unique expression of photographic flair.

Shana relies on traditional photographic and artistic technique while blending this talent with a multi-faceted approach that emphasizes the strength that each models possess along with the personality, strength and joy each model can express. Shana’s techniques allow her to bring out each model’s intensity and passion in a way that can transcend the singular dimension of a lens.”

David is fascinated by the ways in which spontaneous things—an offhand gesture or expression or pose—can show a great deal more than any orchestrated look could. In his studio work, he takes inspiration from the incidental things a model may do, and uses these to present a truer picture of the model’s personality and self than a wholly set-up pose or look could. His inspiration comes from his fine art work, in which he allows a candid and unscripted scene to play itself out without any interference whatsoever, and tries to meld that perspective and way of thinking with what goes on during a studio shoot.”


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